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Firm and Insurance offers

My son has a firm choice and an insurance choice in mind. If he get the grades for the firm choice, is it still possible to accept the insurance choice instead? Sometimes it’s hard to decide which course would be best!
Answered by Alison Patterson
Yes, your son should be able to change his mind at results time, providing his insurance choice has places available. In August, as soon as the results are published, he will receive the notification through UCAS that his firm choice – CF – has accepted him, assuming good results. If your son decides that he'd really prefer his second choice university – his CI, he must contact the university and ask if they will offer him a place. If they agree, your son will need to be released by his CF. The formalities will be sorted out through UCAS. There are some implications for having a last minute change of mind. Accommodation may be scarce by August, for example. If he changes his mind before results, it might be worth contacting the CI university sooner rather than later. He should not take irreversible action without having considered carefully and consulted parents and teachers. Advice if you need it: Guide to Clearing, Clearing and Results Day FAQs.

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