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Using Clearing to find a course before results day

I am a student from Malaysia and I'm currently waiting for my A level results. I have my conditional offers in hand and have chosen my firm choice. However, I would like to change my course of study. Can I do this before my results are out? I have tried contacting the university but they have not replied. I am happy to pursue this new course in other universities. Can you please advise on my best course of action?
If you applied through UCAS, you can release yourself from your offers and place yourself into Clearing by using Clearing Self-Release. Read more about Clearing Self-Release and find out more in our Clearing FAQs.

Check our Clearing Course Chooser to find universities offering courses in your area of interest. If you find a course you want to apply for, call the university and ask if they'll accept you. You can then use UCAS self-release to go into Clearing and apply to your new course/university choice. Have you spoken to your FC university? Why not give them a call and ask if they'd offer you a place on a different course? It's always worth asking. Make sure you do your research before changing your mind and think carefully about this. You are best having an alternative before turning down your current offers.

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