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Getting funding to complete a degree after mental health issues

Four or Five years ago I started a degree at Liverpool Hope University, At the time I was struggling with both mental and physical health issues. I managed to complete the first two years, but on the 3rd and final year my health issues took their toll and I had to drop out. I tried to return the following year to finish etc but was told I had exhausted funding after restarting the first year.
So I wondered if I was able to complete the degree or if any other options were open to me. I fought so hard just to get through those first two years and it really annoys me that I was unable to complete the degree.
Answered by Alison Patterson
I have consulted a few colleagues and our best advice is as follows:

Student Support rules allow you to have x+1 years of funding where x is the length of the course. If it was a three year course and you have had four years of funding (or will need more than four years to complete) then you won’t be eligible for any excess years. You could fund yourself, of course, but that is often not an option for most individuals.

We think it might be worth looking at the OU where completion might be cheaper and easier to do while working to fund it.

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