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How to get into an American university?

I have been interested in studying in the US for a while and I am unsure how I would go about doing so?
Any information would be brilliant as I am fairly confused how I would go about my application and requirements.
Answered by Alison Patterson
You need to pick a few universities you are interested in applying to. You should read the websites of the US universities you like. These will tell you how to apply.
There is no centralised system like UCAS in the US but there is the Common App. which is used by many private universities. This means that you may not have to draft completely new applications to every university.
There is no limit to how many you may apply to, but most people are time limited and you may have to pay an application fee for each application. So, plan your time carefully. Choose a spread of universities. Unless you are very confident you would be wise to have an "insurance" (easier to get into) university.
Look at the Liberal Arts Colleges as well as the universities. The Ranking of US Colleges and Universities is done by US News and World Report. Find them online.
Remember it usually takes not less than four years to get a Bachelors in the US and may take longer.

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