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Applying after 2 or 3 year gap year

Is it possible to take a long break before university, like a gap year except maybe two or three years, before applying.

Or is it more difficult to get into Uni the longer you wait after you leave school if you're not in any sort of education?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Many people go to university as mature students. There is no age limit for applying to university. It is generally regarded as a benefit to take a gap year as it can be maturing and mind-broadening. I take it you are thinking of going to university before you are 25 and I am not aware of any courses that have restrictions based on age.
It is more likely that you would find it harder to readjust to studying again after leaving education for a while.
But admission will be based on your qualifications, not your age, and your additional experience is likely to count in your favour.

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