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Eligibility for home residency fees

I would like to enquire about university fees. If one is a British passport holder and lives abroad for work purposes only and owns property in the UK and does not have entitlement to permanent residency where they work are you entitled to UK university fees?
If so do you have to own property in the UK for a certain amount of time?
Please advise with regards to UK expats working abroad.
Answered by Alison Patterson
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In general, residency trumps citizenship, but universities have discretion to decide each case based on individual circumstances. You would probably have to apply to university first (www.ucas.com) and receive an offer before a university will discuss your fees status. You may have to raise the question as they are likely to assume that you are an international applicant if you are applying from an overseas address. It is important that you provide them with all the information requested to enable them to make a determination.

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