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Why don't some universities guarantee halls accommodation for first years?

My child has just received the news that I won't be placed in halls this year because 'because the university has too many students to accommodate everyone'

Surely first year students offered a place should be guaranteed halls for the first year? Is this not standard procedure?
Answered by Alison Patterson
It is up to universities what, if anything, they guarantee about accommodation; they are under no legal obligation to guarantee halls for first years I'm afraid. Some universities have a high proportion of students who live at home. This should all be made clear in prospectuses so it can be taken into account when deciding where to apply.

Any first year guarantee made by a university will be stated online and in their prospectus, usually with a deadline and firm choice condition. This is a reason why it is risky to change course at the last minute and give up a firm choice via adjustment or clearing.

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