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How much do universities look at AS Levels?

I have received my AS grades, and i was not very happy. I got CCBD, for biology, chemistry, maths and psychology respectively. This made it clear for me to drop psychology but I am definitely retaking all my other subjects as I want A grades at A2.

However I noticed how some universities do look at the AS grades, even if you drop a subject, and this made me very worried. Is that correct? Also, how much do universities care if you retake your AS modules?
Answered by Alison Patterson
I am advised that it is best to certify and mention AS subjects and ensure that the predicted grades reflect potential to achieve higher grades.

It is fine to retake AS levels in Y13. UCAS regulations recommend that students should enter all qualifications achieved on the form.

Different universities have different policies and you should check their websites for further guidance.

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