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Being offered a university place despite poor AS levels

I received my AS grades this summer and was very disappointed to see that I'd received 3 Ds.

This year I am going through the UCAS process, however I feel my chances of an offer are now incredibly slim. I would like to study Law, and even though the average offer is 320-300(ABB-BBB) ucas points I feel like because of my previous grades are so bad they won't even offer me a place. What are my chances?
Answered by Alison Patterson
You should speak to your teachers and parents. Do you know what your school is predicting for your A2 results? Your university choices should be realistic and based on your expected A level results. Think about what you can realistically hope to achieve with resits factored in as well. A lot of people do relatively poorly in their AS levels and turn it around when it comes to A levels, university admissions tutors are more than aware of this.

Our Course Chooser allows you to search a course based on your expected results. Go to:

You will need to read the information on university websites carefully to make sure you meet entry requirements.

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