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Transferring university during gap year (deferred entry)

I'm a deferred student on a gap year and have a confirmed place at UWE (my firm choice) to start a Business Management degree in September 2015.

However, due to a change in personal circumstances I've decided that it would be more beneficial for me to instead stay at home and study at one of my previous choices (from last school year) that gave me an offer which I later declined.

As the university I wish to go to has already accepted my application/ given me an offer previously in the past, and already has a record of all of my relevant details, can I transfer to this university somehow without having to apply through UCAS all over again?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Your details will be on file and you will have a UCAS number, so it might be possible to do transfer during your gap year without re-applying. Of course, UCAS can answer this question definitively.

We suggest you contact both universities - the one you are planning on declining and the one you'd like to go to. Any transfer needs to be approved by UWE and the other university. Assuming you are offered a place by the other university you then need to talk to UCAS and also inform student finance England/Wales of your change of university when confirmed.

UCAS telephone number: 0371 468 0 468

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