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Why has Physics at Sussex dropped so much in the subject tables?

We have been using your guide to assist my son with his choices I have just now seen your guide for 2014 and am very confused about the ranking for Sussex University for Physics this has dropped from 9th to 21st place and the main reason seems to be a drop of 10 points on the graduate prospects from 80 to 70. This seems to be a very large drop in just one year and I wondering if there is any chance that this is an error or some other technical reason. If you could throw any light on this it would be most helpful?
Answered by Alison Patterson
The numbers for Physics at Sussex are quite small (21 with known data in the latest year) and so despite the fact that we aggregate two years of data to reduce fluctuations this can still happen. The overall scores are particularly tightly packed in the Physics table and so these fluctuations can make a difference to the ranking. We suggest you do not over-state the ramifications of the change in ranking position from one year to the next in these circumstances.  Check the broader trends over a few years. The previous years' Tables are on the site at: www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk/league-tables...y (at the top where it says "Year").
With regard to the Profile content this has been updated in the last couple of months with University of Sussex input and co-operation. Some universities pay for an enhanced profile which allows for the video and additional links. This may be the reason why you think the content is thin compared with some other universities.

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