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My daughter wants to apply to the UK from Spain. What do we need to do?

We live in Madrid. I work for Lloyds Banking group and I have been offered the chance to move to London. I have an 18-year-old daughter, who wants to study biology. She is very interested in moving to London with me and we want to know how to apply and how it would work in our case.
She has a "bachillerato of science" finished this year in Madrid and a general exam for universities entry passed. I don't know what English you need to be granted the possibility to apply to the university, can you help?
She has no title of English Language, but she is confident and is sure that she is able to be taught in English. Will this be an obstacle for her?
How and can we apply for a scholarship?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Your daughter will have to apply through UCAS for university entrance in the UK. It is online at www.ucas.com
There is much information on the very comprehensive website. Start with
She will have to choose a course and four or five universities. She will need evidence of fluency in English. She will need to complete a personal statement and she will need an academic referee. All of this is explained on the UCAS site. There is also a Course Search facility to assist with course choosing.
It is important that she meets the entry requirements for the courses/universities she applies to. British universities are familiar with international academic qualifications, but they may require a certain specified attainment. You must check that she has this before she applies.
For example, the University of Cambridge gives the following guidance for students applying from Spain:
You can check each university's website or contact them direct for information about academic eligibility.
For other information about funding etc check

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