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Applying to the UK, applying to the US – what's the difference?

I am currently working towards transferring into a 4-year University in the US, but I was wondering if it were possible to transfer from an American community college to a University in the UK.
How would I go about applying to a University in the UK? Would the credits I've earned at the CC transferable overseas? Or would I need to do a separate process altogether?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Application to study for an undergraduate degree course in the UK is made online through UCAS at: www.ucas.com

You need to familiarise yourself with the process, although it is similar to the Common App in the US. You will need to prepare a Personal Statement (reasons for choosing your course and attributes that make you suitable for your choice etc) and you will need an academic reference from a teacher/tutor. Advice on personal statements can be found here:

The difference between the UK and the US is that you must choose a course of study.

You should read the information on university websites to make sure that you meet the entry requirements before applying. If you are in doubt email admissions tutors giving details of your qualifications to date. Credit transfer is not usual in the UK.

Start with this link -

Then use a course chooser, for example

You also need to be aware of the financial implications. Go to:

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