Campus and Crime Map

Student Accommodation

  • Cambridge colleges guarantee college-owned accommodation to single undergraduates without children for three years, and most provide for fourth-year students too.
  • The college is more than just a hall of residence: it's for living, studying and socialising.
  • The college communities include undergraduate and research students, teachers and lecturers.

Accommodation Costs

University of Cambridge

Number of university/college beds 11,166
Typical annual cost of university/college accommodation £3,779–£4,970
Typical annual cost of private accommodation £5,544–£7,068

Living Here

  • City Population: 124,000
  • Student Population: 30,000
  • Cambridge is a town-sized city easy to navigate on foot or bike and students and tourists throng its streets. 
  • The city has also become the centre of the hi-tech 'Silicon Fen' industries. The atmosphere is electric and there is no shortage of open, green spaces in this bustling, beautiful city. Town-gown relations are generally good.

Getting Around

  • Walking and cycling are the most popular modes of transport as much of the city is flat and easily accessible.
  • Buses are fairly reliable, but expensive. However, travel cards are available.
  • Cars are not recommended in the centre as most areas are pedestrianised.
  • London is 60 miles away, and trains take about an hour. London Stansted International Airport is 30 minutes away by train and Cambridge Airport is situated a short journey from the city centre.

Culture and Nightlife

  • The Cambridge Corn Exchange is the largest arts and entertainment venue and hosts a full range of events. The Junction is popular for bands, dance and experimental theatre whilst the ADC Theatre is owned by a student society and managed by the university.
  • The Arts Picturehouse shows foreign and cult classics and hosts the two-week Cambridge Film Festival in July. Cambridge has a good array of pubs but few clubs.
  • The Strawberry Fair is held each June, and the Cambridge Folk Festival at the end of July.
  • The Fitzwilliam Museum offers free admission to its exhibitions of paintings and ceramics. Kettles Yard Gallery is very popular with those who enjoy modern art and sculpture.
  • An excellent way to see the sights of Cambridge is to hire a punt, rowing boat or canoe and travel along the Backs at a leisurely pace or to go upriver to Grantchester.
  • There are also Official Daily Walking Tours of the City and Colleges from the Tourist Information Centre, on Peas Hill.