Billy - Arup - Graduate Jobs Case Study 

Billy Field - Arup

Billy is one of Arup's Graduate Structural Enginners. After enjoying his time as a Structural Engineering and Architecture student at the University of Sheffield Billy was keen to work in a challenging and inspiring environment. 

Why did you choose to apply for work at the company?

  • First and foremost I wanted to work alongside the world’s best engineers and architects, on the world’s most notorious design projects.
  • Arup’s design philosophy of total architecture is highly attractive. The company structure is unique; profit is shared with the employees of the company as opposed to external shareholders, another appealing feature of working at Arup.
  • The opportunity for excellent career progression and global mobility were also reasons I wanted to join the company.

What was the recruitment process like?

  • Thorough, fair and exciting. Firstly an online application was completed; this involved submitting my CV and answers to questions relating directly to the firm.
  • Secondly I was interviewed by two directors; prior to the interview I completed a 30 minute design exercise which I was quizzed on during the interview. 
  • On the interview day interviewees were given an inspiring introduction to the company and a tour around the London Headquarters.

What sort of training and development have you received?

  • At Arup you tailor your own training based on your interests and areas in which you wish to enhance or expand your skills.
  • All training is funded by Arup. I have been on a wide variety of excellent in-house training days, ranging from software based courses to design knowledge and experience courses taken by highly regarded senior engineers.
  • I have also been given the chance to attend external courses such as a Revit for Structural Engineers session.

What are your main responsibilities?

Arup are brilliant at giving responsibility to new members of the team. I am now 21 months in to my career; responsibilities I hold are listed below:

  • Structural designer on a range of UK and global projects with architects such as Zaha Hadid, Carmody Groarke, Hopkins, AHMM, Feilden Clegg Bradley, Allies and Morrison and Rick Mather.
  • Attending design team meetings internal and external, with Arup staff or alone.
  • Arranging team presentations with internal/external manufacturers and clients.
  • Arup Early Careers Group – Team Representative.
  • London Social Team Member.
  • Graduate Induction Team Member.

What do you like about working at the company?

  • I enjoy going to work. The reason for this is the inspiring environment at Arup; the fantastic staff; and the engaging project work. The opportunity to design in a holistic team of engineers on the world’s top building design projects is extremely exciting.
  • The atmosphere in the office is relaxed, fun and creative, whilst the sport and social life alongside, is just as enjoyable.

How do you see your career progressing in the future?

  • I am completing my Institution of Civil Engineers chartership objectives and due to become chartered in approximately two years. During this time I will gain 6 months site experience.
  • At some point I see myself gaining experience abroad with Arup, whilst continuing to learn from the excellent network of engineers and designers in the firm.

What advice would you give new graduates hoping to work for the company?

  • Think about and understand exactly why you want to work for Arup; and why you wish to work in the industry you are applying for. Recognising these fundamentals will enable you to prepare yourself best for both the recruitment process and your career.

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