Claire - Procter & Gamble - Graduate Jobs Case Study


Claire is a Commercial Talent Supply Manager for P&G UK and Ireland. She studied French and Spanish and later went on to complete a Master's in Human Resource Management.

Why did you choose to apply for work at the company?  

  • The FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) industry looked exciting and varied. P&G is well-known for its investment in developing its employees and owns a great portfolio of brands that I use every day.
  • I also chose P&G for its global scale, I wanted to join a company that would give me the opportunity to travel and work in different markets. Since joining a few months ago, I’ve already been on business trips to Rome and Geneva. Every P&G person you speak to has a different story, but the majority will have spent some time during their career with P&G in other countries all over the world.

What was the recruitment process like?

  • There are a lot of stages but unlike other selection processes, individuals are assessed one on one, rather than in groups. Tips would be to practice the online tests, know what P&G are looking for and use examples from your own experiences that demonstrate these competencies, and most importantly be yourself.

What sort of training and development have you received?

  • Most of the training is on the job which enables you to really get to know the business and develop your skills quickly. As mentioned earlier, I’ve already been to Rome and Geneva for training purposes which have also given me the opportunity to build my network of global colleagues.
  • At P&G you are given a lot of responsibility early on and are encouraged to take ownership of your work and initiate changes in order to continually improve things.
  • We also have a best in class training suite of programmes, which have been developed with external partners and are run as web-based, classroom based or virtual sessions.

What are your main responsibilities?

  • My main responsibilities include owning the employer branding at a national level (across the UK & Ireland), ensuring our Commercial functions, and attracting and hiring the best candidates, and ensuring that we have a healthy pipeline of candidates to join us for full-time positions following a successful internship or student programme event. I work closely with managers across the Commercial functions to do this and I also work closely with our campus teams to ensure they have everything they need when recruiting on campus.
  • Apart from these day-to-day responsibilities, I also manage projects such as the creation of our new careers website as well as looking at other digital tools we can use. This forms part of my regional responsibilities for Western Europe. I therefore also work closely with colleagues across the region and the entire globe which is really valuable. At P&G, you also have the opportunity to get involved in projects that don’t always fall directly under your main responsibilities, for example I recently worked with a regional team to look at multi-generational diversity within P&G which was really insightful. 

What do you like about working at the company?

  • The autonomy. P&G has a very open, friendly and trusting work culture which means you can go about your work in the way that you choose as long as you are able to deliver results. We truly value differences, including different work styles, which really makes me feel like a valuable and included member of the organisation.
  • Work-life balance is strongly encouraged here and there is a great culture of ‘flex@work’. I live pretty far from the office at the moment and if that means I sometimes arrive a little later than usual (due to traffic for example), nobody will question it as long as in the long-term I’m still able to deliver and perform strongly.

How do you see your career progressing in the future?

  • It’s hard to know because there is so much choice with P&G. I imagine I will be taking on a more generalist HR role in my next assignment (you tend to change assignment every 2 years in order to keep things interesting and to help you develop your experiences as much as possible) which could be in an office, at an innovation centre, or at a manufacturing plant.
  • There is also the option of doing an assignment in another business area (e.g. Sales, Marketing, Consumer Market Knowledge) so I could spend some time outside of HR to further develop my understanding of the entire business.
  • P&G is situated in over 75 countries worldwide, so who knows where I may end up.

What advice would you give new graduates hoping to work for the company?

  • We hire the person, not the position. Therefore you do not need to have extensive knowledge or experience of the area you are applying to.
  • We are more interested in your experiences and how they demonstrate what we call our ‘Success Drivers’. These are behaviours that we assess and hire candidates on, and assess our employees throughout their entire career.
  • I’d encourage anybody who is interested in applying to P&G to really understand these ‘Success Drivers’ and think of times you have demonstrated them, whether it be through university life, professional work experience, or extra curricular activities. As simple as it sounds, it is imperative to also prepare and practice for our online assessments.

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