Internship – Alisdair's Story

Alisdair studied history at University College London, and undertook an internship with PwC after graduating this year. He is now employed full-time by the firm in its assurance practice division.

I did an internship in my gap year back in 2008 with PwC and because of that I knew that I wanted to do my Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) qualification with them. I therefore saw a post-university internship as the most obvious route into the firm and the best way of guaranteeing a job after university. 

I applied for a management consultancy internship through the website. There was a long interview process — online tests, assessment day, final interview and a line of service change interview (a repeat of the final interview to change from management consultancy to get into assurance).

The internship lasted six weeks, during which I was paid. Initially I was observing and researching the client, but I then moved on to more demanding work, including the production of a consulting deliverable and helping out varying work streams towards the end of the project I was on.

I found the internship experience excellent due to the nature of the project and because I enjoyed a high level of independence and responsibility. I loved the team that I worked with and I found everyone really supportive and engaging. My internship peers were also fun and friendly and I have a lot of good memories of that summer.

My time as an intern definitely paid off as I was offered a full time role after the internship.