Internship - Camelia's Story

Camelia studied business administration and marketing at the University of Hertfordshire, and is now an intern at children’s charity.

I am currently a corporate fundraising intern at a charity which provides advocacy services and campaigns for the rights of children and young people in care. I was in foster care for most of my childhood and moved around many different homes and areas and Voice helped me immensely during that time, so I understand first-hand just how important their services are.

Although I have an extensive work history for someone of my age, including previous management positions, working as an intern for a charity for the past three months has taught me various things. These include a clearer insight into how the third sector operates, further awareness on corporate social responsibility issues and a clearer understanding into the reasons and constraints behind why corporates and individuals donate their time or money to help charities or causes. Furthermore, it has also given me the opportunity to enhance my skills and learn more about myself and what drives or motivates me, as my previous employment in both the private and public sectors was predominantly fast paced and extremely target driven.

Overall I have found being an intern to be a positive experience and one that I would recommend to others.
However, I have found the low salary — it is paid but I do not have my expenses or travel paid — and low hours to be far from ideal for someone that lives on their own and commutes into London every day; I have only been able to afford working as an intern due to the savings I had accumulated through previous employment.

The internship was for three months but they have been impressed with my work and so have offered me a further three month extension. They are limited on funds and the budget is small, especially as they are a small charity, and so full-time employment is not an option at this time. I am aiming to gain full-time employment elsewhere with an organisation in London, in the area of either marketing, sales, communications, outreach/participation, corporate social responsibility, mentoring or events.