Internship - Hannah's Story

Hannah studied classical literature and civilisation at the University of Birmingham and is now working as a PR intern

When I first graduated over two years ago, I wasn’t totally sure what it was I wanted to do so I took some time to do temp work and then went travelling around the world. Having dabbled in recruitment and administration roles I wanted to change the direction of my career to get into PR. Having reached a point where my main priority was job satisfaction and the prospect of career development in an industry that suited me, I knew interning would be something that I would have to do. Once I realised it I then worked hard and did thorough research on websites and social media to find an internship that would provide me with the best experience and fulfil my expectations. In the same way that many have to pay to study to land their perfect role I don’t think
of interning any differently.

To secure this internship I underwent a formal interview process for which I had fully prepared as I would for an interview for a paid position. This internship is ongoing, but I have committed for a very minimum of two months. Both myself and Firefly wanted to ensure that I get the full overview of a PR role and gain enough experience and industry knowledge.

During my internship I am working as a fully-fledged account handler and, going against the traditional  perception of PR interns, I am yet to be asked to make even one cup of tea! From day one I was trusted enough to be given a great deal of responsibility and to be fully involved in all aspects of account management, including regular contact with the clients.  

I can’t deny that it is hard work as I was thrown in at the deep end but I am really enjoying it and think that it is the best way to learn. Having only been here for a few weeks I already feel like I will be able to ‘hold my own’ in the PR world, with a great deal of knowledge about the industry and with much more experience than I was expecting to get.

I quit my (paid!) job to intern and while it is difficult going from being in a well-paid job to choosing to work for free (although luckily Firefly cover expenses, travel and a little extra each week), I did see it as essential.