Internship – Matilda's Story


Matilda is currently studying History of Art at the University of Warwick and has spent one month as an intern at The Complete University Guide.

I often worry that university is flying by, yet still, I have little idea of what I want to do once I graduate. That’s why I thought it best to make the most of my long summer break and look for work experience in an area of employment that I had never considered before. I believe that by gaining experience in as many areas of work as possible, I will begin to get a feel for what type of job I should be looking for once I finish university.

I began my search by asking friends and family if they knew of any positions available over the summer. This, very fortunately, led to me applying for an internship at The Complete University Guide and being offered a fully paid internship.

As I live in the countryside, I was looking forward to the experience of living and working in London. As the internship was paid I could afford to live in London throughout my time at The Complete University Guide, and earn a bit of pocket money as well. I had no experience of working in an office, and I didn’t know what to expect, but there was no need to worry as everyone was really welcoming. The one thing that does come as a bit of a shock to the system is having to sit at a computer for most of the day.

The Complete University Guide is an online publication so I learnt how to produce and publish content for the website using a content management system. I believe this will enhance my CV as employers often look for evidence of IT experience. My main tasks were to source content and write profiles for international universities, international MBA courses, and university cities. This proved challenging when the international university websites were not available in English and I had to rely on Google translate, which could be time-consuming. For the city profiles, I was in touch with various Tourist Information Centres to request images for the website and gain more information for the profiles.

I also learnt how to write for a target audience, particularly when using social media. I was fortunate enough to be given the freedom to experiment with the Facebook and LinkedIn pages and see what type of posts gained the best response. This was a valuable experience as social media is such an important part of business today.

My month of interning went by so quickly but I leave with a brilliant insight into the workings of an online company and a feel for working in an office. I am confident that the experience will be very beneficial when looking for future employment as I have gained a wide range of new skills to add to my CV. I have really enjoyed my time at The Complete University Guide and, if given the opportunity to, would happily come back next year.