Hertfordshire County Council

Employer Profile

Hertfordshire County Council is an upper-tier local authority for the governance of Hertfordshire County, England. The council is run by elected politicians and local counsellors. Subject to legislation, the local counsellors decide how best to finance and manage the local services. It is responsible for education and youth services, social services and care, town and country planning, highways, fire and rescue services, public health, libraries, museums and arts provision, parks, waste disposal and consumer services. 

The council looks for resilient, ambitious graduates with great leadership potential. Applicants should demonstrate the ability to innovate, as well as academic prowess.

Training Programmes

Hertfordshire County Council offers 2 to 3 year training programmes in the following areas:

  • Management
  • HR
  • Finance

The council provides ongoing support and funding towards professional qualifications. Graduates benefit from one-to one mentoring.