Employer profile

Logica, which is now part of CGI, is a business and technology service company employing 72,000 employees in 42 countries. We create value for our clients by successfully integrating people, business and technology into effective, sustainable business ecosystems.

We’re different because we put people, business and technology together. And we always get to know our clients and their industries intimately.

Since its foundation in 1969 Logica has been responsible for designing the London Underground ticket system, creating SWIFT (the electronic funds transfer network) and introducing the mobile text message to the world. Today, our software solutions regulate the energy markets and enable the transfer of payments worth US$5 trillion every day. They also support the missions of a third of the world’s space satellites.

Are we about to rest on our laurels? Not a bit of it. Like all forward-thinking companies, we’re restless by nature. We’re driven by the desire to innovate. Great business ideas, in our view, don’t come out of the ether. They require inspiration and perspiration, but also communication and collaboration. If that’s the environment you aspire to join, there could be a great future for you here. 

Training programmes

Our graduates join us on an 18-month programme where they will experience a broad range of project-based work alongside a structured and formal development programme consisting of classroom and online based modules. The majority of the learning is, however, done on live projects, where additional technical training is available. Graduates can find themselves working on projects as diverse as developing C++ code for GPS position accuracy and Galileo Satellites, to working on top secret secure Government projects, to working on developing an HR outsourcing offering for a multinational conglomerate.