Ministry Of Defence (MOD)

Employer Profile

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is responsible for implementing the defence policy set by Her Majesty’s Government. To that effect it must support a range of equipment, services and infrastructure. It has the largest spend and acquisition of any department in the British government.

The MOD employs commercially minded graduates to partake in the Defence Commercial Graduate Programme in order to help support the business behind the organisation.

The MOD employs technical graduates for their Defence Engineering and Science Group Graduate Scheme whom play a vital role in ensuring our forces have the right equipment.  

Training Programmes

The two year Defence Commercial Graduate Programme is designed to provide graduate employees rapid exposure to many areas of the business. Combined with mentor support the MOD aims for graduates to be well prepared to become a commercial manager within the MOD following the programme. The MOD will also support progress towards gaining professional qualifications.

The 2 or 3 year Defence Engineering Science Group Graduate Scheme offers considerable investment in your development and one of the fastest available routes to chartered or incorporated engineer status. A personal mentor and development team works with graduates to produce a personalised development plan ensuring their progression. 

There is also the MOD Information Graduate Scheme, which looks for 'technology savvy, problem solving individuals.'