National Health Service (NHS)

Employer Profile

The National Health Service is a publicly funded healthcare service in the UK. It was established in 1948 out of the long-held belief that healthcare should be available to all, regardless of wealth. 

It is primarily funded by central taxation, with services stretched to the absolute maximum the NHS is aiming to achieve £20 billion in efficiency savings over the next few years. The NHS seeks graduates committed to this vision and with passion, resilience and determination, ready to make a difference.

Training Programmes

The NHS offers training programmes lasting two years in the following areas:

  • General Management
  • HR Management
  • Health Informatics Management

The Financial Management Scheme lasts up to 30 months.

On all programmes graduates rotate through the areas of the NHS associated with their specialism, whilst gaining support from managers, mentor and training providers. Graduates are supported in their progression towards industry-recognised qualifications.

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