Top Graduate Employers

The finance and retail sectors are recruiting the greatest number of graduates into graduate-level employment, according to our latest figures. So, where are the jobs?

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Overseas – Information & communication

Rank Employer Graduate-level posts
1 Google 5
1 Microsoft 5
3 Accenture Fewer than 5
3 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Fewer than 5
3 Cisco Systems Fewer than 5
3 Experian Fewer than 5
3 FactSet Fewer than 5
3 Hewlett Packard Fewer than 5
3 IBM Fewer than 5
3 Intel Corporation Fewer than 5
3 SAP Fewer than 5
3 Telefónica Fewer than 5
3 Unspecified Software Company Fewer than 5
3 Warner Brothers Fewer than 5
3 Witheld Fewer than 5
3 World Trade Group Fewer than 5

These tables are compiled using data taken from the annual Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey (2011–12) conducted by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). Read more about the methodology of this study.