UCAS Clearing 2017

A Guide to Clearing

How does clearing work?


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Results Day and Clearing

What you should do before results day, how to check if you have a uni place, who can use Clearing, and much more.

Alternatives to Full-Time Study

Other ways of studying for a degree

You don't need to follow a full-time course in order to move in higher education.

Clearing advice for care leavers

Are you a care leaver, or do you know someone who is? Check out our advice for tackling the additional issues that come with being a care leaver on Results Day.

Results Day Advice

Specific to parents, or students with disabilities

After Results Day

Important things to do before you go!

Results and Clearing

The wait is over and you have your results...

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Clearing Success Stories

Read what students say about Clearing

Clearing Q&A 2017

Sign up to our live Q&A for Results Day and Clearing in 2017.

Results Day Scotland

SQA results day 2017

Results day and Clearing advice for Scottish Students.

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