Clearing Success Story – Adam, University of Portsmouth

Adam used Clearing to get onto a Psychology course at the University of Portsmouth.  

Adam, Portsmouth 

‘On Results Day, I was restricted by the unexpected results I achieved and about what course I would have to take.’ 

‘My parents and teachers directed me towards Clearing to find a course that I would be most happy with, and prompted me to pick up the phone and start calling universities.’ 

‘I had no idea what to expect from Clearing when I started to look for a university place. I knew that Portsmouth was a good all round university with a nice location, as well as this they offered the exact course I was looking for.’    

‘I was relieved that I had got a place at a university that would make me happy. I thought I would end up at a university I didn't like, doing something that wasn't my first choice, but that turned out to not be the case at all.’ 

‘The best thing about getting a place was how easy it was to transition into being a university student at Portsmouth.’ 

Top Clearing tip: ‘Don't worry about the university not living up to your previous expectations, as they will be met in any circumstance.’