Clearing Success Story – Callum, Huddersfield

Callum, from Birmingham, was able to get a place at the University of Huddersfield through UCAS Clearing. 

Callum Griffin Clearing Profile Student 300 Px

What is your degree, and where are you studying?

I’m studying Psychology BSc(Hons) at the University of Huddersfield.

What degree had you originally applied for and where?

I’d originally applied for the Psychology BSc course at the University of Leeds.

What circumstances led you to entering Clearing/Adjustment? If applicable, tell us about the ups and downs of A level Results Day.

I’d had some pretty tough times during my A Level exam period, and despite getting an A* in my Psychology A Level, I only managed to get a D in Chemistry, which wasn’t enough to get into Leeds. I was obviously quite upset about it, but I was advised by my college to consider using Clearing. After looking at the various courses available on Clearing, I chose Huddersfield.

Did you do any preparation or research before Results Day?

I didn’t, actually. I was so set on my original choice, I didn’t even think the worst might happen! Luckily, the information on UCAS' and Huddersfield’s websites was so clear and easy to follow, so it wasn’t too difficult.

Where did you go for help and support throughout the process?

My Head of Sixth Form was quite helpful, but I really ended up doing all the research on the day by myself.

How did you find out what courses were available?

I used the Clearing section of the UCAS website to see what courses were available. I filtered it by location, as I knew I wanted to move away from home, and I checked the course details on each university’s website before contacting them.

What factors made you finally settle on the course you chose?

Huddersfield’s Psychology course stood out above all the others. It had a selection of really interesting optional modules in the second and third years, and the research interests of the staff were listed on the website, which was useful when planning ahead for any research projects I wanted to do when I attended.

Did the university offer a Clearing open day? If you went, was it helpful and did it alleviate any concerns you had?

Huddersfield did hold a Clearing open day, but I couldn’t go.

Did you find a place to live easily?

I did. The university was partnered with some student accommodation with their own office on campus, and all the information about sorting living arrangements was sent to me when I received my confirmation of my offer.

How has your time at university been? Has it delivered what you were looking for and are you happy?

I’ve absolutely loved my time at Huddersfield. The course was full of interesting topics, the assessments were designed in a way that has set me up for postgraduate study and applied work after that. I recently finished my undergraduate dissertation, achieving 85% and my supervisor and I are submitting it for publication!

How has your course supported or changed your career ambitions?

The course definitely supported my ambitions. I did modules relevant to my career prospects which have really set me up well for understanding the world I’ll be working in. The tutors were always willing to give really valuable advice and I’ve used that to make decisions about my future from them.