Clearing Success Story – Catherine, University of Kent

Catherine, from Norfolk, used Clearing to get onto a Psychology course at the University of Kent.

Catherine, Kent
Catherine studies Psychology at
the University of Kent

What circumstances led you to entering Clearing?

While in my final year of A Levels I ended up needing surgery and had to take a lot of time out of school. I knew this would likely have an impact on my results, as my predictions were generous. I ended up not achieving what I needed for my offer to study Law at Kent by one grade, and the school was oversubscribed in numbers that year.

Did you do any preperation or research before Results Day?

Even though I knew due to my time out I might not reach my offer, I didn’t do much research at all into what courses were available through Clearing, even though the information was out there for me to find. In hindsight, I wish I’ddone more research so I could have been more prepared on the day.

Did anyone help you through Clearing?

The first thing I did when I saw I hadn’t made my offer was ring up the University of Kent’s Clearing number. Everyone I spoke to was really friendly and asked lots of information about my academic interests, which they could then compare to what courses they had available, some I didn’t even know were an option! 

How did you find out what courses were available?

The team at Kent referred me to their Clearing website which listed every course they had available in clearing and the relevant specifications to enter that course. As well as this, it provided me with information on how the course itself was structured and what to expect so I could make a truly informed choice.

What was the main reason for choosing the course you chose?

I’d realised quite quickly I was more upset at the idea of not studying at Kent than not studying Law, which took me by surprise. The Psychology degree just stood out to me when I looked through the available courses. It was something I’d never had the opportunity to study before, despite being interested in it, and the staff I spoke to about Psychology were enthusiastic and welcoming.

Did you attend a university or college Clearing Open Day? If so, did you find it useful?

Because I’d already been to an Open Day and an Applicant Day for the University of Kent, I didn’t feel like I needed to go to a Clearing Open Day. 

Did you find a place to live easily?

Accommodation was one of my biggest concerns after going through Clearing, as your accommodation application is usually disregarded. However, I was able to contact the university and explain my situation and my specific needs due to my disability, and they were able to place me in suitable accommodation.

How has your time at university been? Have you enjoyed your course?

Going through Clearing made me appreciate university more than I think I would have done; I love having the opportunity to wake up and learn about something I’m truly passionate about. I don’t regret changing my course to stay at Kent as I feel I’ve truly benefitted from the wealth of student experiences on offer.

What would be your top tip for students in the lead up to Results Day?

Results Day is only stressful if you put that stress on yourself. You’ve worked so hard for your grades and there’s nothing you can do now that will impact that. All you can do is stay calm and prepare yourself for every eventuality. Be realistic with yourself and do what you think will be best for you. The hard part is over now, so relax and be ready!