Clearing Success Story – Charley, University of Hertfordshire

Charley is studying an LLB (Hones) Law course at the University of Hertfordshire after going through Clearing.

Charley got a place at Hertfordshire
by going through Clearing

What circumstances led you to entering Clearing/Adjustment?

I applied through Clearing as I didn’t achieve my grades to get into my original first choice university. I did get the grades to go to my second-choice university at the time, however, I didn’t want to go there in the end.

Who helped you go through Clearing?

My Dad had helped me look at different universities that were accepting students to study Law through Clearing. Once I’d found Herts, I showed my Dad who then agreed that it seemed like a good fit for me and he came with me to the Clearing Open Day.

How did you find out what courses were available?

I looked on different university websites to see what universities were offering Law.

What was the main reason for choosing the course you chose?

I chose Herts due to the Law course content and the facilities. I loved the look of the Mock Courtroom and thought that would be a brilliant facility to have whilst studying. I also liked where Herts is located as its close to London and there are lots of shops nearby.

Did you find a place to live easily?

During my first year, I stayed in student accommodation on the de Havilland campus and shared a flat with 11 other people.

How has your time at university been? Have you enjoyed your course?

My time at Herts has been invaluable and has given me a lot of independence and opportunities. I have taken part in Law co-curricular activities including mooting and trial advocacy.