Clearing Success Stories – University of Hull

These four students successfully found their places at the University of Hull through Clearing.

Charlotte, Hull

Charlotte, BA History and Archaeology

I came through Clearing because I’d been ill in hospital during my exams, which affected my grades. When I called Hull, it felt like the person on the phone was really listening, rather than just thinking grades, grades, grades.

My advice to anyone going through Clearing: believe in yourself and be brave in convincing others to do so.

Megan, Hull

Megan, BA German

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Even if you didn’t get the grades you wanted, universities do look at other things, like what you are passionate about.

Will, BSc Chemistry with Foundation Year

It’s a scary word Clearing, but no matter what happens there is a very high chance of you getting into university, even if you do not get the grades you expected.

Will, Hull

Take your time, relax and try not to panic – I really believe that if one door closes, another opens.

Victoria, BSc Geography

Why did you come through Clearing?

On Results Day I didn't get the grades I needed for my first or insurance choice university. I could've retaken my A Levels but I knew I wanted to go to uni that year which is why I decided to go through Clearing.

Victoria, Hull

What was your Clearing experience like?

It was lucky for me as I found it quite easy. I had applied for Hull in the first place, and had an offer from them, so on Results Day I filled in the form on the Hull Clearing page, rang them up, and spoke to the Geography department who said they'd give me a place. I knew I wanted to go to Hull so therefore didn't ring any other universities.

How did the University of Hull help?

The online form made it easy and quick to do, making the important phone call less stressful. Hull also provided multiple open days after Results Day so I could properly look at the university before arriving in September.

What is your advice for others going through Clearing?

  • Stay calm so you can talk easily on the phone to universities.
  • Have a pen and paper to write things down.
  • If possible, have someone with you, such as an older sibling or parent who can provide support. They can help get numbers from websites and write down important information if you are busy on the phone.
  • Have your UCAS number and results in front of you so you can give them to universities if they ask.
  • Prepare some points about why you think you would be good at your chosen course in case universities ask.
  • Try and go to a Clearing open day to make sure you would be happy studying at the university.

How would you recommend the University of Hull to others?

It is a friendly university that provides lots of academic support to students. There are many sports teams and societies so it makes it very easy to meet new people. Hull also has plenty of resources for students to use, and the fact that it's a campus uni means that everything is close together.