Clearing Success Story – Dominic, University of Portsmouth

Dominic used Clearing to get onto a Mechanical Engineering course at the University of Portsmouth

CUG-student -profile -Dominic (002)
Dominic studies Mechanical Engineering at the 
University of Portsmouth

What circumstances led you to entering Clearing?

I came to Portsmouth through Clearing because I didn’t get the grades I’d been expecting. I remember first opening up my results and thinking, ‘oh no, I’m not going to get in anywhere’. So, the fact I’m here, at an amazing university, just feels like the best luck.

At the time, I had an insurance offer for another university, but really, I’d picked that early in the application process, before even researching it properly. Then I learnt a bit about Portsmouth from mates who came here on Open Days and through things I saw online, and it looked like a much better fit for me.

Where did you go for help and support throughout the process?

I phoned the university to see what the process was and they were so helpful. They could see what I was going through and were there to reassure me about everything. I got offered a place there and then and was even given 24 hours to decide, so it’s not like I was put on the spot. Now I’m a year in and I’ve no regrets at all. 

How has your time at university been?

Studying for a degree has opened up so many different options for me that simply weren’t there a year ago. More than that, it’s given me time to work out what I want to do.

To anyone currently going through Clearing I’d just say be calm, there are amazing places like Portsmouth out there with opportunities and friendly, helpful people who are just a phone call away.