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Clearing Success Stories at Coventry University

James and Laura successfully found their courses at Coventry University through Clearing.

James, Coventry

James' story

After narrowly missing out on the UCAS points he needed to study at his chosen universities, James found himself facing Clearing and a lot of uncertainty.

James' key decision was that he didn't panic and acted quickly. He got his place at Coventry and never looked back...

What James did first

“I was really pleased with my A-Level grades and thought I’d done well when it counted. It came as a bit of a shock when I didn’t get a place at my first-choice university. I was disappointed but I knew I couldn’t dwell on it and needed to find a place somewhere else and do it quickly!"

James logged straight into the UCAS website and started searching for a course linked to his passion for writing. "I started ringing around various universities and kept getting caught in the queues of other students ringing around. Coventry University was first to pick up and the rest is history."

What James does now

James graduated in 2016 with a degree in Journalism and Media. Reflecting on his decision to come to Coventry through Clearing, James said, “Clearing can be a blessing in disguise. I wouldn’t have the qualifications, job or life I have now if I hadn’t got through to Coventry’s Clearing hotline. I absolutely loved everything about student life."

Laura, Coventry

Laura's story

Laura ignored the people who told her to forget about her education when she fell pregnant aged 18 – and instead went through Clearing just days before her son was born.

The decision to continue her education was the start of an incredible journey which has seen her triumph in her studies, undertake a year’s placement, and win an award for her achievements.

What Laura did first

Laura, from Sharnford, in Leicestershire, was originally planning to study Nursing in Nottingham, but after becoming pregnant knew that was not a possibility. She wanted a place closer to home and rang Coventry University to find out what courses could be available to her.

She said: "I felt it was the end of the world – but when I rang Coventry they gave me so many different options. I was a bit confused about what I wanted to study but the young girl I spoke to on the phone was just so positive. She went through all the options. It really made a massive difference.”

What Laura does now

Laura is currently on a placement year working at the pharmaceutical company, Nemaura Pharma Ltd. In May, she won a "Woman Who…" award for her achievements in education and for overcoming adversity. Laura is also working to set up a women’s STEM careers society at the university to build a network of support and opportunities.

“I was a single mum, on my own at 18 and everybody told me, "you can’t have your education, forget about succeeding in life". Society seems to think it's the end of the world, and many people in my position reluctantly give up and accept this fate. But I didn’t let them stop me and I want to empower other women to do the same and realise their dreams and potential.”