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Clearing Success Story – Kamile, University of East London

Kamile Hudson

Kamile, 26, didn't get the exam results she needed for her choice of course, but secured a place at the University of East London (UEL) through Clearing. 

What was your degree?

I studied English Literature with Psychology at UEL.

What circumstances led you to entering Clearing?

I originally applied to UEL, but didn't get the results I needed to get onto the course. I was very disappointed, I wanted to give up. However, after a quick pep talk from my mum I went home and called the UEL Clearing hotline and got a place on a different course. The lady on the phone was very friendly and helpful, and informed me I had secured a place on the course.

Did you do any preparation or research before results day? 

I did a lot of research about UEL and about the courses. I went to every single open day and offer-holder day. I looked online, read reviews, and researched the rankings and reputation of the university. I found that UEL had an excellent reputation for psychology. All of my research helped me to decide this was the place I wanted to study.

Where did you go for help and support throughout the process?

I talked to my mum, and called the Clearing hotline. I checked the availability of courses on the UCAS and UEL websites.

What factors made you finally settle on the course you chose?

I liked the course content, as well as the opportunities that would arise by taking the course. I also liked the reputation and, when I visited the campus, I liked the facilities and the lecturers.

Did the university offer a Clearing open day?

Yes, UEL offers open days. I went to several and found them helpful.

Did you find a place to live easily?

I lived on campus and had the most amazing experience. This is something I recommend to everyone. Thanks to living on campus, I made a great circle of friends from all over the world. Friends I am still very close with now.

In our final year, my close group of friends and I got a place together within walking distance of the campus.

How has your time at university been? Has it delivered what you were looking for and are you happy?

My experience at UEL has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I am so glad I decided to study here. It has helped me professionally, and to mature as an individual. Through studying at UEL, I was able to take part in lots of opportunities I don’t think I would have had otherwise, such as the mentoring scheme, Mandarin lessons, student ambassador work opportunities, and many other things.