Clearing Success Story – Lois, University of Brighton

Lois used Clearing to get onto a Applied Psychology course at the University of Brighton.  

Lois, Brighton

Achieving your predicted A Level/BTEC grades is probably what most of you are focusing on right now (I know it’s tough, I’ve been there – keep going!), but remember, even if things don’t go as planned, there are still other options… 

For me, this is what happened: My results weren’t what I thought they would be and I wasn’t able to go to my first choice uni, so I had to go through Clearing. I really wanted to go to university and didn’t want my unexpected grades to hold me back. 

When I was filling in my UCAS forms, I opted for my information to be shared with other universities, which meant that quite a few of them contacted me on Results Day and offered me a place on a Psychology course. I also phoned up universities I’d previously looked at to see if they had space – I was desperate to go to university and begin my career path. 

The University of Brighton were super helpful and comforting and were able to answer all of my questions with ease – I think that was what made it so appealing to come here!

On the day, I simply phoned the university and asked if there were any spaces on the Psychology course; they took my details and my grades and confirmed there was space and gave me an offer! I then had 48 hours to confirm whether I wanted to study with them. 

I ended up with about four offers from different universities which meant I spent the next 24 hours Googling them all; what the course looked like, the facilities, how far it was from home, housing, transport links etc. I won’t lie; it wasn’t an easy time for me, but with the support and information I received from all of the universities, it meant I could keep calm! 

My happily ever after did happen; even though my results didn’t go as planned and Results Day was a little more stressful than anticipated, I am now extremely happy at Brighton. To this day, I question why I didn’t look here in the first place – it would’ve definitely been one of my top choices! 

My plans for the future include further study; maybe a Master's and a PHD – who knows. I’d like to take the skills I’ve gained and become a clinical psychologist and I feel that, with the support from the university, this is achievable!