Clearing Success Stories – University of Plymouth

Nanna and Allan successfully found their places at the University of Plymouth through Clearing and are now moving forward with careers they love.


Nanna is a BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science graduate, now a trainee Biomedical Scientist at Royal Brompton Hospital, Chelsea.

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Clearing changed my life 100 per cent! I was devastated when I failed to get the grades for Optometry, but I was offered a place to study Biomedical science instead, so I did some research and was impressed enough to take a shot.  

Plymouth was not my first choice, as I lived in London. However, after visiting on an open day, I fell in love with the city and the campus. It made me see how amazing it was, compared to other, smaller universities that had less to offer. I loved the city and being so close to the sea – this made me change Plymouth to my first choice.

I really loved my time in Plymouth. It’s such a lively city with a strong student presence. There are always lots of events going on at the seafront and in the city centre.

In my final year, I contacted the main hospital in Plymouth to see if there was any lab experience I could take part in. They said yes, and thanks to that experience – as well as the transferable skills learnt within my course – I’ve recently secured a job at Royal Brompton Hospital, Chelsea. This means I’ll be trained up to be a Biomedical Scientist and I hope to work my way up the ladder to be a specialist in my field.

Nanna’s Top Tip: Keep Calm

“It may seem like there are no choices left, but trust me, sometimes the best outcomes happen through Clearing. Call the place you want to go to as soon as you have your results, and make sure you know exactly what you want. Stay patient, positive, and keep persisting.”


Allan studied BEng (Hons) Civil and Coastal Engineering and is now Commercial Manager at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

Allan Walker (002)

“I was contemplating which course to go for, and where, and one of my friends had started the HND in Civil and Coastal Engineering at Plymouth and suggested I check it out. I did, and liked the look of the vocational nature of the course, as well as the diving and coastal aspects which were pretty unique. Also, I knew Plymouth and loved the city and the proximity to the countryside and beaches.

I was a bit uncertain about my options without any first round offers, but it all came together quite easily. The process was very simple.

I simply called the university to apply for the HND, sent my transcripts, and that was it. I was accepted and had to get down to Plymouth pretty quickly to find somewhere to live before the first semester.

In no time at all I was meeting great people – some of them are still among my best friends today – and making wonderful memories on the many trips out onto Plymouth Harbour on a dive boat.

This change in direction ended up being one of the most unexpected and best choices of my life. Plymouth was a fantastic place to work and study and my HND, and subsequent degree in civil and coastal engineering, have really helped me with my chosen career.

If you feel your grades won’t get you straight onto a degree, consider a similar option to Allan and look at our foundation degree programmes which have lower entry requirements.