Adjustment Success Story – Sarah, Aston University


Sarah, from Pakistan, went through Adjustment to get a place at Aston University

What is your degree, and where are you studying?

I have just completed my first year of university, studying a BSc in Psychology.

What degree had you originally applied for and where?

I had originally applied to Newman University to study Psychology with Counselling Studies.

What circumstances led you to entering Clearing/Adjustment? If applicable, tell us about the ups and downs of A level Results Day.

I had always wanted to apply to Aston University, but I found A Levels very difficult. I’d convinced myself there was no way I was going to do well enough to surpass my predicted grades, therefore I never applied to Aston (due to fear of rejection).

However, as Results Day got closer, I really wanted to apply to Aston through Clearing. I had checked the grades I needed for Psychology on the university website. Luckily, we got our grades online at 6am which gave me plenty of time to prepare for Clearing lines to be open.

I had done better than expected, which was a relief. I was actually one of the first callers, but the operator had to inform me that I didn’t qualify for Clearing, because I would need to be released from my current firm place, but there was a risk that by the time that happened, all the Clearing spots may have been taken.

This sent me into panic, because everyone always informs you about Clearing for when you do worse than expected, but no one tells you about the procedure for Adjustment. Nonetheless, after panicking a lot, UCAS track was finally online and I could apply for Adjustment. The staff I spoke to were very calming and clear with the procedure, which really helped me stay at ease. 

Did you do any preparation or research before Results Day?

I researched all the subjects that were on the Clearing list, as well as the grades needed for each course. I also made sure I knew exactly what time Clearing lines would be open, so that I could wake up accordingly. 

Where did you go for help and support throughout the process?

I messaged the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the university on Results Day to ask about available spots on courses, and they got back to me very quickly. 

How did you find out what courses were available?

The university website.

What factors made you finally settle on the course you chose?

It’s the course I’d always been planning on doing, plus the modules appealed to me.

Did the university offer a Clearing open day? If you went, was it helpful and did it alleviate any concerns you had?

Yes, but I didn’t feel the need to go. 

Did you find a place to live easily?

I’m a commuter, so I didn’t need to find a place. 

How has your time at university been? Has it delivered what you were looking for and are you happy?

University is a big step forward. You are given freedom and independence, but that’s a huge responsibility for students who, in the past, have been chased down by teachers. The university experience on campus is very engaging and there are always activities for students to take part in. 

How has your course supported or changed your career ambitions?

So far, my course has only supported my previous plan of going into further education after my undergraduate degree, but I haven’t decided on the subject yet.