Clearing Success Stories – De Montfort University

Zeinab and Judyta both used UCAS Clearing to get onto courses at De Montfort University.

Zeinab is making a difference to her classmates and the community

DMU Clearing Success Story Pic

Zeinab is a Pharmacy student at De Montfort University (DMU). She has already helped numerous people in her roles as a Diabetes UK Community Champion, a Macmillan Cancer Ambassador and a Dementia Ambassador. She wants to work as a hospital pharmacist.

"For my voluntary work, I am always speaking to different people and learning their stories. I love the feeling of trying to do something to help. At DMU we have so many opportunities to get involved through #DMUlocal.”

Zeinab is equally passionate about her academic pursuits. Wanting to study Pharmacy, or a related course, the stress of A-levels got to Zeinab and her grades weren't quite good enough. This led to her calling DMU's Clearing line on A-level results day.

"I'd had a conditional offer for Pharmacy and they looked at what else I could do.

"DMU offered me three courses and I chose Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science. No other university offered me that."

Although Zeinab really enjoyed the first year of her alternative course, she wanted a career that offered more patient interaction so decided to pursue her original choice of Pharmacy.

"I had to attend an interview day for Pharmacy, which I passed, and on results day I got a First in my first year exams and transferred course," she said.

Now in her second year of Pharmacy, Zeinab finds it challenging but enjoyable. She is also building a variety of skills as a Peer Mentor, Brand Ambassador and representative of the Leicester Pharmaceutical Students' Association.

She said: "A friend in the year above always helped me, so I like to help other students achieve what they really want.

"As a member of the students’ society, I have to make announcements in class. It was hard at first, but now I'm getting more confident speaking in public. Being a Brand Ambassador also enhances my confidence skills.

"You meet different kinds of people at DMU and I will get different patients all the time, so this will also prepare me for my future role."

DMU Clearing leads to Rolls-Royce placement for Judyta

Judyta Dabek, 27 from Poland, is halfway through a year-long Engineering placement at Rolls-Royce thanks to #DMUworks, a programme aimed at giving students the necessary skills and qualities employers look for. As an automation trainee, Judyta is learning about the specific IT requirements in the field of engineering.

“It’s really amazing what Rolls-Royce is doing. It’s an inspiring place to work and a very important opportunity for me.

“I’m learning how to use different programming languages and documentation, as well as developing my research skills and knowledge of law and ethics, all of which will broaden my career opportunities after university.

“I’m very happy with it all and now I have a better idea of what the field entails, I will continue combining IT with engineering with pleasure.”

Judyta is particularly pleased with how Rolls-Royce is investing in her development, saying: “Last year, I got to attend the annual PyCon conference in Cardiff, which attracts industry experts for a series of talks, workshops and events related to the Python programming language.

“I’ve also attended a number of engineering courses to help me understand current and future developments.

“To be successful in IT you have to constantly progress your knowledge and skills. This placement clearly shows that, as every day is different and challenging.”

Earlier in the year, Judyta shared her placement experiences with 28 postgraduate students from DMU, who visited Rolls-Royce as part of a day organised by DMU’s Faculty of Technology.

She answered questions about what the company looks for in an applicant, how she prepared for her interview, what projects she is working on and how she made the transition from student to full-time employee.

“When I interviewed at Rolls-Royce, I wasn’t sure how I could fit in as a Computer Science student, so being able to tell people about the many different opportunities on offer here was a brilliant experience,” she said.

When Judyta joined DMU in 2015, she had already been working in Leicester for two and a half years while taking English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes.

Although she was building up the confidence to study at DMU, a friend who had already accepted an offer at the university persuaded her to apply a year earlier than planned, through Clearing.

She said: “Sometimes last-minute decisions are the best. I’m proud to be a student at DMU, it’s such a welcoming university with a wonderful campus, which I feel I fit into really well.”

Judyta described the Clearing process as ‘surprisingly fast and easy’, adding: “The person I spoke to on the phone was very helpful, sending me all the course details I needed on email too.

“Having left my decision so late, I only had one week to make up my mind, so being able to research the course and future career prospects online was really useful.”