Parents and Clearing – Julie, University of Hertfordshire

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Julie’s daughter missed out on her grades and went through Clearing.

How did you help your child through the Clearing process?

The way I was most able to help my daughter was by keeping her calm. I was reassuring her this was not the end of the world but just a bump in the road. I stayed with my daughter while she called up universities and made sure there was a constant supply of tea!

How did you prepare for Clearing?

Because my daughter was predicted top grades, we didn't think we'd need to consider using Clearing, and I had done next to no preparation. All I knew was that some universities accepted students with lower than predicted grades, so I had read about this.

What was your experience of Clearing?

It was a very difficult day. My daughter not getting her expected grades was a real shock and one that really upset her. Our first priority was to go to her school to collect her results and then start calling universities about Clearing vacancies. However, my daughter has just finished her first year of university and has had a fantastic time making some great friends. Clearing was a stressful experience but in hindsight it has been for the best.

What do you wish you’d known before Clearing?

It was good being able to see what was on offer on the university website, but I wish I’d done more research in general about how the process worked.

Julie’s top tips for helping your child through Clearing

  1. Look at foundation degrees. They provide a guaranteed route onto a university course and have lower entry requirements.
  2. Arrange to visit the university if you haven't already done so. The University of Hertfordshire offered virtual tours as well as Clearing open days so you and your child can see it for yourselves. Also remember to ask questions about accommodation as universities will vary in what they can offer Clearing applicants.
  3. Be well equipped. Make sure you've lots of tea, biscuits and tissues to hand! It's also useful to have your own laptop or tablet and pen and paper so that you can look up and make a note of Clearing hotline numbers for your child to call. Ensure sure your child has their grades, UCAS ID and email address ready to give to universities when they ask for them.