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Distance Learning

Distance learning is a flexible way of studying. Find out what it is, why you should choose it, who offers it, and how much it costs.
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Course Chooser

Search for the best course for you

Search courses at more than 700 UK universities and colleges – find key course information, entry requirements and tuition fees.

Accelerated Degrees

Accelerated degrees allow you to complete a full degree in a shorter period of time. 

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Top Ten Most Popular Courses in the UK

We reveal the UK's most searched-for courses from the past year.

Marine Biology Makeup Medical

Top Courses for Top Careers

Career enhancing subjects

Which courses are the best for landing a job, and getting a good salary?

Requirements and Qualifications

The key part when choosing a course

Art and Design Foundation Diplomas (Art Foundation)

Art and design foundation diplomas can be a useful (or sometimes necessary) entry requirement for many related degrees. 

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Postgraduate Nursing

Graduate entry leading to professional nursing registration

Graduate Salaries – the Professional Premium

What difference will a degree make to your starting salary after graduation?