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Accelerated Degrees

This article is based on content supplied by London Metropolitan University

Accelerated degrees (also known as two-year degrees, or three-year degrees in Scotland) are full degrees taught in a condensed time period.

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Reasons to study an accelerated degree
• Accelerated Medicine degrees at London Met
• Accelerated Education degrees at London Met

Accelerated degrees have the same amount of course content as traditional degree programmes, but there are shorter and fewer holidays and more time spent in the classroom to complete the course quicker.

The precise structure of the course will vary from institution to institution so it is important that you research to find the course which is right for you.

Why study an accelerated degree?

An accelerated degree could be just what you’re looking for if you want to complete your undergraduate degree in the shortest time possible. London Met is one of the institutions offering these fast-track programmes and currently offers accelerated degrees in Medical Sciences, Primary Education and Early Years Education.

So, what are the benefits of taking this accelerated route to a degree? And why is London Met the place to do it?

1. Fast-track your learning

As the name would suggest, these new degrees allow you to obtain a degree quicker than traditional undergraduate degrees. Accelerated degrees can be completed in just two years, rather than the standard three. That means you could start your fantastic career sooner.

2. Save money and time

Not only will an accelerated degree save you a year of your time, it can also help you look after those all-important pennies, as well as saving on course fees and a whole year of accommodation costs. You could also receive a £1,100 fee waiver per year for each of the two years of your undergraduate studies if you study one of London Met’s accelerated Education degrees. 

3. Get discounts on postgraduate study

After completing any of London Met's accelerated courses, you could be eligible to receive a discount on your postgraduate studies as a graduate. You’ll get a 10% discount if you’re awarded a 2:1 or below, or a 20% discount if you achieve a first-class honours degree.

4. Challenge yourself

These courses are intensive degree programmes and are designed for high-achieving individuals. You’ll learn as much as you would on a three-year course, but in less time. The final award is the same as the award given at the end of an equivalent three-year degree programme. These courses offer a brilliant challenge that will really benefit you if you have the focus and determination.

Accelerated degree courses at London Met 

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London Met offers accelerated degrees in several subject areas
including Education and Medicine


London Met Medical Sciences accelerated degree gives you the opportunity to apply a year ahead of your peers for a place in a UK medical school. Furthermore, you'll have the chance to enter the professional job market early if you’re interested in an alternative medical science-related career.

Talking about the new degree, Trushar Adatia, Head of the School of Human Sciences at London Met, said: “Our modern biology curriculum includes a myriad of connected but specialist areas which we are ideally placed to deliver. Successful graduates will leave with a deep theoretical appreciation and practical laboratory experience of how a disease is identified, assessed and its treatment monitored.”

As a lecturer in chemistry and polymer science with almost 25 years’ experience in higher education, Adatia believes the two-year medical sciences degrees will provide students with a “desirable and transferable bachelor’s degree” that will equip them for “a career of our time”.


Moulding the young minds of the future is a noble profession and for aspiring teachers who want to work with children at early years or primary level, London Met offers the choice to study an accelerated Early Years Education or Primary Education BA degree.

London Met Education degrees are taught within the university's School of Social Professions, which is led by Head of School, Suzanne. Talking about the courses’ lecturers, Suzanne said: “The teaching team is practitioner focused and includes former heads of centre and staff with international experience. All of them are passionately committed to enabling, empowering and inspiring students to make transformational changes to their own lives and to the lives of children, families and communities.”

By studying one of London Met's two-year education degrees you’ll be guaranteed an interview if you choose to subsequently pursue a PGCE at the university. With the same content for a traditional three-year undergraduate degree covered in just two years, Suzanne describes it as a “challenge” but with the reassuring pay-off that it might just be “the best thing you ever do”.

Find out more

For further information and details of how to apply, visit London Met’s accelerated degrees page.