Guide to Studying Agriculture & Forestry 

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Tree plantation, and natural biomass 

What is Agriculture & Forestry?

  • Agriculture & Forestry covers the study of farming and environmental sciences like soil analysis and estate management.
  • It is an increasingly modernised area of study, with climate change being at the fore of public debate. 

Why study Agriculture & Forestry?

  • Agriculture & Forestry is a vital profession. Farming provides us with food, whether it be livestock or crops.
  • Degrees like Soil Science are vital to fertility in farming both domestically and overseas in less developed countries. This degree benefits people all over the world by helping to create sustainable crops. 

Coursework, assessment and exams

  • Formal examination at the end of each semester is common place
  • Continual assessment through projects and essays is also carried out, with up to 50% of the final year being judged on coursework.
  • Other forms of assessment may include practical exercises, field notebooks, oral presentations.

What degree can I get?

This area of study covers a vast swathe of potential courses, some of which include:

  • BSc Agricultural Business Management 
  • BSc Agriculture & Crop Science
  • BSc Agriculture & Countryside Management
  • BSc Forestry 

What qualifications do I need?

Always check with your chosen institution what the requirements are, as entry standards are subject to change.

Check our Course Chooser to see what Agriculture & Forestry courses are available. 

What are the postgraduate opportunities?

There are many different postgrad options to consider, including:

  • MBA Advanced Farm Management
  • MSc Agricultural Economics
  • MSc Forestry
  • PhD Agroforestry

Use our Postgradute CUG Course Chooser to filter your results and search for Agriculture & Forestry courses. 

Graduate job prospects



*Professional employment refers to a job or occupation which normally requires a degree.
**Non-professional employment refers to a job or occupation which doesn't normally require a degree.

What are the job opportunities?

Agriculture and Forestry graduates often work for forest aid companies, environmental consultancies and large farm estates

Among the jobs that are directly related to an Accounting & Finance degree are:

  • Farm hand
  • Rural business manager
  • Environmental consultancy
  • Food production

A degree in Agriculture & Forestry is also useful in the following jobs:

  • Marketing
  • Agricultural and livestock consultancy
  • Research
  • Agricultural assistant.

Where to get more information 

  • Farmers Guardian: www.farmersguardian.com
  • Farmers Weekly: www.fwi.co.uk
  • Institution of Agricultural Engineers (IAgrE), the professional body for the land-based sector: www.iagre.org
  • Lantra: the Sector Skills Council for the Environmental and Land-based Sector: www.lantra.co.uk
  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS): www.rics.org