Five Reasons to Study American Studies

Brooklyn bridge and downtown New York City in beautiful sunset - Fotolia © kanonsky
Fotolia © kanonsky
An American Studies degree could see you not just
studying New York City, but living there too!

Whether you love or loathe the American accent, find their TV and film exports dreadful or delightful, or think American delicacies are tasty or terrible, the chances are there's something about the United States you like.

An American Studies degree will focus on all these areas and more, including the social, political and cultural history of this modern day superpower. If we still haven't whet your appetite, then check our five reasons to take American Studies at university:

1. The chance to study abroad

A year abroad is an integral part of most American Studies degrees. What's more is that, unlike most subjects, this year abroad will be more than just an eye-opening experience of a lifetime. Spending a year in the US, or Canada, will be directly relevant to your degree, which will of course make it a little easier to convince your parents to give you some extra spending money for your time across the pond.

2. Transferable skills

If you're considering an American Studies degree but you're thinking, "How many jobs are about America?", then fear not! Just as with most humanities and social sciences subjects, the skills acquired during an American Studies course can be applied far more widely than just within the constraints of academia. Analytical and rhetorical skills will be developed, as will your ability to write in a concise and effective way. These are just a couple of examples of the myriad of skills you can acquire during your time as an American Studies student, and when armed with them, the range of careers to choose from become a lot wider...

3. Exciting job prospects

With an arsenal of transferable skills under your belt, you'll be able to take your pick from a range of exciting careers. Among the common destinations for American Studies graduates are journalism, marketing and the media. Other options, that are more closely linked to the course content, include work in the culture and heritage sectors. Alternatively, if none of these sound like your cup of tea, many students choose to pursue further study and a career in teaching or law.

4. Satisfied students

Although the American Studies Subject Table is slightly smaller than most others, the Student Satisfaction scores held by the universities on it should not be ignored. With most universities scoring more than 4.00/5.00, an American Studies degree seems to almost guarantee satisfaction.

5. A mix of disciplines

The beauty of a degree that studies an entire country is that you're never likely to get bored of what you're doing. Had enough of learning about American Politics? Not to worry, a module about American Literature is on its way soon. Is American Art not your cup of tea (or, more appropriately, coffee)? Well you wont have to wait long until you're studying American Music, or one of a number of other potential modules. If you're undecided about which academic discipline is best for you, American Studies may be the answer!