Ten Famous Biologists and their Discoveries

in association with the University of Kent

The field of biology is a fascinating and diverse one, one which has seen a great many ground breaking discovery over the years. Here's our Ten Famous Biologists and Discoveries to get budding biology students inspired.

Biologists who have shaped the world of our ancestors, our world today and whose discoveries will continue to shape the world for many years:


Carl Linnaeus – known as the father of modern taxonomy


A botanist, physician and zoologist all at the same time, Linnaeus came up with the system of naming, ranking, and classifying organisms that we still use today. It was his vast collection of specimens of plants, animals, and shells that lead to Linnaeus' coming up with a way of grouping and naming species. He separated all living things into 3 kingdoms; animals, plants and minerals, subdividing them into classes, then into orders and then finally into genera and species. You've heard of Homo sapiens right? Homo is the genus and sapiens the species – as you can see still very much in use today.