Ten Famous Biologists and their Discoveries

in association with the University of Kent

The field of biology is a fascinating and diverse one, one which has seen a great many ground breaking discovery over the years. Here's our Ten Famous Biologists and Discoveries to get budding biology students inspired.

Biologists who have shaped the world of our ancestors, our world today and whose discoveries will continue to shape the world for many years:

"Alfred Russel Wallace - 1862"

Alfred Russel Wallace – famous for the Wallace Line


Another famous naturalist on the list and another one who came up with the theory of evolution. In fact it was Wallace's independent synthesis of evolution by natural selection that lead to Darwin hurrying up and publishing his On the Origin of Species. Fortunately Wallace was an accomplished scientist and his discoveries didn't end there. Wallace noted the distinction of fauna between Asia and Australia, drawing a line between – now known as the Wallace Line.