Guide to Studying Building

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Want to help shape the world's most iconic cities? A
Building degree could be the one for you!

What is Building?

A Building degree covers the study of building materials, techniques, building economics, quantity surveying and property development, among other aspects.  

Why study Building?

  • A Building degree gives you the knowledge of how to plan, create, maintain and conserve buildings.
  • Professional employment among building graduates above average and shows that a degree in Building increases a student's employability.
  • Those who undertake a postgraduate degree in Building also earn a healthy average starting salary.

Coursework, Assessment & Exams

Assessment comes in a mixture of examinations, project work, coursework and presentations. 

What degree can I get?

There are a range of courses which come under the title 'Building', including:

  • BSc Construction Building Surveying
  • BSc Building Surveying
  • BSc Construction Management
  • BSc Building Technology

What qualifications do I need?

Entry requirements for Building courses will vary from university to university, and you should always check the specific criteria of any course that interests you. 

That said, there are some trends; for example, most universities do not request that applicants hold any specific A Levels.

What are the postgraduate opportunities?

Although few Building graduates enter into further education, there are still plenty of options, including:

  • MSc Building Design Management 
  • PhD Building Technology
  • MSc Asset Management & Development

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Graduate job prospects



*Professional employment refers to a job or occupation which normally requires a degree.
**Non-professional employment refers to a job or occupation which doesn't normally require a degree.

What are the job opportunities?

As you'd expect, the job opportunities that arise from a Building degree are largely based in the construction industry – or at the very least, dealing with the physical world. Examples include:

  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Property Developer
  • Conservationist 
  • Environmental impact auditor.