Guide to Studying Business & Management Studies

What is Business & Management Studies?

  • A Business & Management Studies degree is concerned with the way in which a company or organisation operates and functions
  • This can include the financial, administrative and marketing sides of a business.
  • There are a few courses which fall under Business & Management Studies, such as Management Studies, Human Resource Management & Business Studies.  

Why study Business & Management Studies?

  • You should study a Business & Management Studies degree if you want to gain a deep understanding of how organisations function as one unified force of business.
  • Studying a Business & Management Studies degree gives you great employability, reflected in the Graduate Prospects scores shown on our Subject League Table for this discipline. 
  • By studying Business & Management Studies you can accrue a broad set of skills which leave career choices wide open. Extrapolatable skills like leadership, financial awareness, team work and computing are all extremely valuable to any job.
  • Check out our article 'Eight reasons to Study Business & Management Studies' for further reasons to embark on this degree.  

Coursework, Assessment & Exams

  • At most institutions assessment will be a mixture of exams, coursework, presentations, group and solo work, essays and seminar performance. 
  • Exams are usually sat in January and May/June, at the end of each Teaching block.
  • Many institutions also encourage students to undertake work experience at some point during their degree, in order to provide vocational experience. 

What degree can I get?

  • BA Hons Business Studies
  • BA Hons Management Studies
  • Business & Management Studies is a degree which is almost always studied in tandem with another subject. 
  • Accounting & Management, Accounting & Business, Business & Languages, Disaster Management are just a small sample of how broad this discipline can be. 

What qualifications do I need?

  • Always check with your chosen institution to make sure of their entry standards. 

Use our CUG course Chooser to filter your search results when looking for Business & Management Studies courses.

What are the postgraduate opportunities?

Search our postgraduate Business & Management Studies course on the new course chooser. 

These postgrad courses increase employability by developing previously learned skills to an even higher standard.

Graduate job prospects



*Professional employment refers to a job or occupation which normally requires a degree.
**Non-professional employment refers to a job or occupation which doesn't normally require a degree.

What are the job opportunities?  

  • Business & Management Studies graduates earn above the average graduate starting salary. 
  • Typical career paths include Management Consultancy, Human Resource management, Marketing, Insurance companies. 
  • These are competitive areas of work, and so hard work is required to ensure a high return.