Four Reasons to Study Celtic Studies 

Celtic Studies degrees can vary massively depending on the area of the discipline you choose to focus on, however all courses are united by their examination of one of the formative cultures of Great Britain and Ireland. If you're unsure whether it's the subject for you, we've compiled just a few of the reasons to study it at university:

1. Celtic culture influenced The Lord of the RingsGame of Thrones and many more popular titles

Unless you're in the minority of people who don't like The Lord of the RingsThe Hobbit or Game of Thrones, the influence of Celtic culture on these titles can only be of interest to you. While the Celtic themes in Game of Thrones are more down to interpretation, their presence in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit is almost undeniable.

Lord Of The Rings Fellowship Of The Ring

J. R. R. Tolkien, the author of the aforementioned classics, purportedly owned several books concerned with Celtic Studies, and upon reading and watching the products of his imagination, the Celtic influences are clear for all to see.

2. The subject has a low unemployment rate

When pressed to guess which subjects have the highest unemployment rate for graduates, you may be inclined to think that courses such as Celtic Studies, which lack a great number of obvious career paths, would be among the worst.

The good news for students interested in Celtic Studies is that the subject actually has one of the lowest unemployment rates of any university subject.

3. Celtic Studies students are among the most satisfied in the UK

No matter how much you love a subject, or the career it could lead to, there is no guarantee you'll be just as enamoured with your university course. Thankfully for prospective Celtic Studies students, the kind of Student Satisfaction scores seen on the subject table are among the very highest you will find for any university in any subject area.

With the vast majority of scores on the table over 4.00 (out of 5.00), the odds are very much stacked in your favour when it comes to being satisfied with your degree.

4. You'll have the chance to learn a fascinating language

Depending on the course that you decide to take, you may get the opportunity to learn (at least in part) the language that underpins the particular aspect of Celtic culture that you're studying.

Celtic Graveyard

What's more, the opportunities to use your newfound linguistic skills may be more common than you first think; in recent years, efforts have been made to revive Celtic languages, and in certain parts of the UK you would stand a decent chance of holding a full conversation with somebody in a recently-revived tongue!