Find your Perfect Course with our Course Chooser

Find your Perfect Course with our Course Chooser

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Choosing a Course

Choosing a university course is one of the first and most important decisions a student makes. Your enjoyment of your course has a huge bearing on your overall university experience and performance.

There are 30,000 courses offered at UK university. While this vast array of choice means that the right course is out there for you, it can be challenging trying to find it. This section will walk you through the key steps in the decision-making process:

  • Choose the right subject area. Some students apply to university knowing exactly what they want to study, but most are faced with a huge variety of courses and subject areas to consider.

  • Find the type of course that suits you. Do you want a to study a BA or BSc? Are you interested in a joint honour? Do you need to study a Foundation Year or Access Course first? How about an integrated masters, placement year or year abroad?

  • Decide how to study your chosen course. There are a number of different ways to study, including: accelerated degrees, part-time study, distance learning, and degree apprenticeships.

  • Consider your career opportunities. Graduate prospects vary depending on which subject area you choose to study.

  • Choose your final five courses. Establish what your priorities are and apply to five courses which you would be happy to study.

  • Submit your application! Get your application in on time and wait to receive you offers.

Our video below will help explain the new course chooser and how it works. Click on any link to choose a course!