Five Reasons to Study Complementary Medicine 

You may be contemplating studying Complementary Medicine, but need further encouragement. Here at The Complete University Guide, we have five good reasons why a degree in this subject area might be suitable for you:

1. Exciting module options

There is a multitude of different topics that can be studied as part of your degree. From Anatomy to Pathophysiology, there is a large variety of areas to scrutinise and specialise in. Courses can include work with external professionals from whom you will be able to learn a great deal. Search through courses aligned to Complementary Medicine.

2. Transferrable skills

If you find after graduating that a career directly related to Complementary Medicine isn't for you, no worries, for during your degree you will learn invaluable skills that can be applied to other disciplines. Skills you will gain include analytical, IT, interpersonal and report writing.

3. Opportunities for further study

Students can continue their educational experience after graduating with the selection of postgraduate courses on offer. These include Accupuncture, Ayurevidic Herbal Remedies and Non-Medical Prescribing. But, while considering your undergraduate subject choice, check out the subject table to see how universities rank in Complementary Medicine.

4. Career prospects in a niche market

The demand for particularly-skilled individuals in GP practices, health centres, hospitals and even leisure centres is growing. Graduates can find research jobs, occupations in holistic health care, work at spas and much more. Many graduates have even built their own businesses.

5. Impressive starting salary

Complementary Medicine has one of the highest figures on our table of graduate earnings. Similar to Medicine, graduates from this subject area who work hard can expect a good starting salary.